Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Is it me or is the irony of this article a little thick?

Tweeting public unstoppable in China's new decade

The Chinese government is aggressively blocking Twitter and Twitter proxies. It is also blocking YouTube and Facebook. Yet this article, written by the government, seems to pretend that there is unfettered access to foreign social networks. And then it wrings its hands wondering what to do about such "double-edged weapons." If I were paranoid I might think it was a subtle hint that the government has unfettered access to blogspot. 

The article talked about Twitter creating "more room for misinformation and misinterpretation" due to its 140-character length limit. If a microblog is bad for being too short then why is a regular blogging site like blogspot also bad? For being too long? If the government was sincerely concerned about the spread of false information, it should be more supportive of free media - print, TV, radio, and Internet. Lies, rumors, and corruption thrive in the dark where they are left unexposed. 

I do agree "that the New Year, and the years ahead in the new decade, may be 'complicated' for China." And yes, Twitter does add to that complication but only because the government seems to be picking a path of obfuscation and opaqueness. 

I'm putting a lot on the line by living here in China. I'm making painful and personal sacrifices to be here. I'm hoping that, in the long run, it will work out to be a positive choice for myself and my descendants. I'm not anti-Party nor anti-government. I'd even be interested in joining the Party. The next 10 years will be important for China. The country and the people have a lot of potential. I'm hoping that the government will be able to navigate the difficult waters ahead.


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Ol' friend,

I've finally blogged!

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I'll be discussing China - mostly in an economic sense - on my blog.

You can pull or push as you wish, as I will here too.